Hallo! Berr! (Daily drawings in Berlin)

  <Hello! Berr!> work in progress. My daily drawings in Berlin, Germany ...
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Merry Christmas+A Happy New Year 2017

Merry Christmas A Happy New Year 2017 ...
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Shall we have a drink tonight?

<Shall we have a drink tonight?> 500mm x 400mm Acrylic Gouache on a canvas ...
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Hello.Strangers. How are you today?

<Hello.strangers. How are you today?> 500mm X 700mm Mixed media on a paper (This is a part of the next book_still ...
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Die Autosuggestion + Das Pferd

<Die Autosuggestion_the autosuggestion> 500mm X 400mm Acrylic Gouache on a canvas <Das Pferd_the horse> 300mm X 400mm Acrylic Gouache on a paper ...
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Hello! An enthusiastic hearts finds opportunities everywhere! ...
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The sloth said… Ver 2+Society6 artproducts

<The Sloth said, " Do not worry. I am not lazy, just slower than you> 400mm X 300mm Acrylic Gauche ...
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Feel First, Know later (The Group Exhibition”Kokuma” 2015, Tokyo, Japan)

"Kokuma" The Group Exhibition 11.2015 November Tokyo Japan. Hyun Kim_Kyonghwa Yoo_Sunkyong Kim Toyama sang_Miyagawa sang_Motoyas sang ...
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