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Lass Berr Lachen 라스 베르르 라흔

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Lass Berr Lachen(lbrrl®) is a design studio that is based on the graphics, illustrations and products. The Bear “Berr” was created in Berlin, Germany where I had lived before. “Lass Berr Lachen” in German means “Let Berr Laugh” in English. Even though it was difficult and tough for me to settle in a new city with totally different cultural backgrounds I still could find something around me that made me laugh. So I was able to keep my energy and focus on ideas of what I wanted to do with my life in there. What makes you laugh today?

Less Thinking More Laughing. Shall we laugh aloud with Berr?

Lass Berr Lachen


Hello.Strangers. How are you today?

Paintings, personal, published book

Back rabbit cover

<Hello.strangers. How are you today?>

500mm X 700mm

Mixed media on a paper

(This is a part of the next book_still on progress)


Die verhaltene Wut_Sun

<The restrained anger>

300mm X 400mm

Acrylic Gouache on a paper

Im Mondlicht_Sun

<In the moonlight>

600mm X 800mm

Acrylic Gouache on a paper